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Grain Train

Port of Columbia Rail Line

Rail line near Valley Grove.

Joso Bridge with train

These speeder cars come to Dayton once a year during the All Wheels Weekend event and offer rides to public.  They start at the Dayton Historic Depot – the oldest existing railroad depot in the state that is no longer an operating passenger depot but is now a museum. The speeder car rides use the Port of Columbia ’s rail line and are very popular.

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Columbia Walla Walla Railroad

The Port of Columbia assumed ownership of the rail line between Dayton and Walla Walla in 1996. The line was donated to the Port by Union Pacific, and Frontier Rail operates the short line Columbia Walla Walla (CWW) Railroad on this section of line through a lease agreement with the Port. The section owned by the Port of Columbia is part of a 67 mile stretch of rail from Dayton to Wallula. The Walla Walla to Wallula portion is still owned by Union Pacific.

Here’s a description of the Columbia Walla Walla Railroad service territory: Columbia Walla Walla Railroad operates freight service from a connection with UP at Zanger Jct. to Walla Walla, WA (27 miles). A branch runs from Dayton, WA through Walla Walla to Weston, OR. A total of 83 miles are operated. The CWW also provides freight service over a line extending from a connection with UP at Hooper Jct through Colfax, WA to Moscow, ID (78 miles). A branch runs from Winona to Thornton, WA (31 miles). A total of 109 miles are operated. The PCC has trackage rights over UP from Hooper Jct to Wallula. Traffic is primarily food products, grain, farm machinery and fertilizer.

When referring to maps of the Columbia Walla Walla Railroad be aware that it may be referred to as the Blue Mountain Railroad (BMR). The following map of the rail area shows the Dayton section as part of the CWW and can be viewed here.


The Port of Columbia is also actively pursuing funds from the state legislature for much needed rehabilitation work to the entire port owned portion of the PCC rail line.

Right-of-Way, Crossing and Encroachment Requests

Any work to be done in the railroad right-of-way (generally 50 feet from center of the tracks) must be authorized by the Port of Columbia before work can begin. This includes agricultural useage, road crossings, utility crossings and encroachments. 

The documents below will guide you through the permit process.

Please note that all right-of-way requests other than those for agricultural use, must be approved by the rail operator before the Port of Columbia will consider the request.  Because of this, non-agricultural use applications will generally take 6 - 8 weeks to be processed.  

Railroad Application Procedure

RR Right-of-Way Lease and Use Policy

Encroachment Application Form

Crossing Application Form

Railroad Application, Permitting, & Agreement Fee Schedule

Rail Operator Information Sheet

All requests must be accompanied by a map (survey maps are preferred) that accurately identifies the area where work is to be completed.