Broadband in Columbia County

Click here to take a broadband survey. This survey will also be available during the meeting.

In March of 2018, WA Substitute House Bill 2664 was signed in to law.  This bill gives Ports in Washington State the authority to build broadband infrastructure in their jurisdictions. The Port of Columbia used a CERB grant to conduct a Planning Study examining the feasibility of a Port-owned broadband network in our community.  The Port will be holding a broadband town hall Zoom meeting on August 31st to share information about the feasibility study and gather input from the public on their broadband needs. Check back for details on the public meeting soon.

Read more about our CERB Broadband Planning Study.

What is broadband?

Broadband is a newer, faster technology that delivers high speed Internet access to people. To visualize how broadband works, think of it like being plugged in directly to the nearest cellphone tower. Instead of having just one tower somewhere in the area, your Internet connection arrives to your house via fiber optic cables directly without having to be broadcast over the air.


In the state’s effort to provide broadband to every household in Columbia County, they have launched a short online survey to gage a person’s Internet speeds. If it is below 25mbps, then it is recorded as a slower speed. If enough people in our county take this online survey and it shows that for most of us, our speeds are 25mbps or lower, then the efforts to bring broadband to our community will gain precedence with the state. So if you want to see our community receive broadband, please fill out the survey by clicking the button below! [olimometer id=1]

What if I do not Have any Internet Connection at Home?

We still want to hear from you! In fact, your survey results may be the most critical in ensuring that the state gives our county priority in receiving broadband. Just drive on down to the local library or another Internet hotspot and fill out the survey there.

I want faster Internet

Public Works Board

The Port has recently been added to the list of eligible entities that are eligible for infrastructure funding through the public works board. The Port of Columbia is currently preparing to apply for grant funding to bring broadband to Dayton. This broadband funding is made available through the Public Works Board, which began an effort in bringing broadband to the entire state of Washington in March 2018 when the WA Substitute House Bill 2664 was signed into law. This bill makes it a goal to deliver broadband to every house in the state by 2024.

“The need for broadband access in every community has never been clearer… Bridging the digital divide is one of the most important tools we have for widespread economic development and individual prosperity.”

Lisa Brown
Commerce Director