Rock Hill Industrial Park

The Port of Columbia’s Rock Hill Industrial Park is located on the west end of Dayton adjacent to Highway 12 and is home to 14 businesses. Currently the Industrial Park has limited vacant industrial building space, but has an available office building as well as ample vacant land for Build-to-Suit options.

Vacant Lots & Buildings in the Rock Hill Industrial Park:

Industrial Building #5 Bay A

3,360 sq. ft. building zoned light industrial / fringe commercial.  Space includes five offices, reception desk, tech room, copier room, kitchen, conference space, two restrooms (one with shower), and attic storage space.  Also included is 72’x144′ fenced parking lot.  Rent is $1516 per month, including a 12.84% leasehold tax.  Adjacent industrial Bay B is also available if additional space is needed.  See spec sheet for more detail.

Lot A

Lot A in the Rock Hill Industrial Tract is available for build-to-suit projects and further expansion of Port buildings.

Lots U and V

Lots U and V in the Rock Hill Industrial Tract measure 1.19 and 1.41 acres respectively and are available for build-to-suit projects and further expansion of Port buildings.

Lots & Buildings in the Rock Hill Industrial Park:

Industrial Park Properties

Dayton Tractor and Machine

Maintenance, repair service, and parts for everything from personal automobiles and smaller service vehicles to large agriculture and construction machinery.

36710 Highway 12, Dayton

Industrial Building #1:

BAY 1:

3 Port Way, Dayton

BAY 2:

Dayton Electric
4 Port Way, Dayton

BAY 3:

Small’s Family Farm
5 Port Way, Dayton

Industrial Building #1A

Desperado Cowboy Bullets 

Manufactures lead bullets for cowboy action shooting.

2 Port Way, Dayton

Industrial Building #2

USDA Service Center

531 Cameron St, Dayton

Industrial Building #3

Jay’s Garage

527 Cameron St, Dayton
To schedule an appointment call 509-382-3078 or email Jay’s Garage at

Industrial Building #4

TEMA Trucking

Trucking company and equipment sales; transporting grain, lumber, aqua fertilizer, refrigerated foods, and crop seeds (corn, beans, peas, and wheat).

409 Cameron St, Dayton

Industrial Building #5


517 Cameron St, Dayton

The Club – Court

519 Cameron St, Dayton


521 Cameron St, Dayton

Industrial Building #6

CHS Primeland

509 Cameron St, Dayton

Columbia County Transportation

507 Cameron St, Dayton

Office Building #2

Port of Columbia Main Office

Special purpose government with an economic development focus.
1 Port Way, Dayton

East Rear Office:

Jennifer Purswell, LPC
Counseling Services
1 Port Way, Dayton

West Front Office:

RAD Rubenser Driving School
Certified Driver’s Education
1 Port Way, Dayton

Office Building #3

Columbia County Hospital District

533/535 Cameron
Dayton, WA 99328