The Port of Columbia Board of Commissioners determines guidelines and goals and sets policy to govern the work of the district. Port staff determines strategies and deliver work product to achieve those goals within the parameters of the guidelines and policies.

Comprehensive Plan

All Port Districts in the State of Washington are required by RCW 53.20 to have a Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements on file and officially adopted by the Port Commission.

Since the authority of Port Districts has expanded well beyond harbors over the years, the Comprehensive Scheme of Harbor Improvements is more commonly referred to as the Comprehensive Plan or Comp Plan.

The Port is currently reviewing and updating our Comprehensive Plan, which outlines all the Port’s public assets and our goals for each one.  This process helps us discuss Port priorities and direction with our community, clarify the goals of our Board of Commissioners, and align our work and investments in public assets with these goals.  Here is a timeline and facts to help answer frequently asked questions

Comp Plan Memorandum from Consultants

May 2023 – Comp Plan Memo Click Here
April 2023 – Comp Plan Memo Click Here
March 2023 – Comp Plan Memo Click Here
February 2023 – Comp Plan Memo Click Here
January 2023 – Comp Plan Agenda Click Here

Blue Mountain Station Development Agreement

Reference Document A

Blue Mountain Station provides a location for food processing businesses, value-added agriculture, food and beverage businesses, and more.  Our development agreement makes planning and expanding easy and efficient.

Economic Development Plan for Columbia County

Reference Document B

A county-wide economic development strategy is crucial in our rural county.  This plan lays out our economic priorities and projects and is updated annually with the guidance of the Economic Development Steering Committee.

Lyons Ferry Marina Facilities Plan

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The Lyons Ferry Marina is a wonderful recreational destination in northern Columbia County.  In collaboration with the concessionaires, the Port maintains and improves the marina facilities.

Cooperative Park Master Plan

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The Port of Columbia worked with partner agencies Columbia County and the City of Dayton to develop a Cooperative Park Master Plan.  The purpose of this document is to create a consolidated inventory of recreational opportunities in order to understand the future needs of the community and provide each jurisdiction with a Parks and Recreation Element in their comprehensive plans to be referenced and utilized for funding opportunities.

The plan also provides a detailed inventory of park and recreation lands for reference.

Blue Mountain Region Trails Plan

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The Blue Mountain Region Trails plan was developed through an unprecedented effort involving over 30 stakeholders throughout the region.  It is the first step in creating a region-wide network of non-motorized trails.

Port Policies

The Port of Columbia Board of Commissioners sets policy to govern the work of the district.


All Port Districts in the state of Washington are required to adopt a budget annually.